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Save thousands

Book your free Listing Consultation


Your Realtor will meet you at your property to design a pricing/cost strategy that your comfortable with.


Our professional photographers know all the angles to make your home shine.

On the Market

You get an MLS listing to access serious pre-approved buyers, social media marketing, and an optional open house.

Negotiate a Deal

Your Listing Agent will negotiate with buyers and evaluate the least risky and highest offer.

We Handle the Paperwork

With a track record of getting above listing price quickly, your agent has the experience to guide you through inspection, appraisal, and the title processing paperwork to a successful closing. 

Close and Save

On average, you’ll save literally thousands of dollars because we believe commissions should never be as high as 6%

We believe in savings and seller comfortability first and foremost. We have made it easy for you to take home as much as you can without hassle on commission pricing! 

  • Chances are if you have found us, we are your choice for your flat fee listing agency! We give a 100% guarantee that we beat all realtor commissions to save you the most money without without reducing any services.

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